Who We Are

Scents of Namibia brings to the world unique fragrances from the arid north-western region of Namibia. It is a wholly community owned enterprise specialising in sourcing plant products and producing essential oils. Because of the extreme environmental conditions plants in this area contain distinctive fragrances that are then captured in the essential oils which can be used as an ingredient in cosmetic formulations or aromatherapy.


The Kunene Conservancies Indigenous Natural Products Trust (KCINP Trust) was founded in 2012 and is registered in Namibia as such with the Master of the High Court.


Resource sustainability is crucial and great care is taken to ensure that any harvesting of parts of the plant do not negatively impact on the plants survival.

Social Responsibility

Although Scents of Namibia is a community owned business it takes the issue of social responsibility seriously. Social responsibility starts by guaranteeing that any…