The Factory

Plant material collected and supplied by harvesters in the remote areas of the Kunene region are transported to the Opuwo Processing Facility where they are appropriately stored and later processed into essential oils. The factory consists of two steam distillation units, a filtration and bottling unit and an office. The filtration and bottling unit has been built to industry standards in order to ensure that quality is not compromised.

mbiri Natural Skincare

Water used in the distillation process is purified to reduce contaminants and totally dissolved solids. Water used in the cooling chamber, where the hydrosol (water portion of the plant) and the essential oil (volatile oils of the plant) are separated, is contained in a closed system, thus avoiding water wastage and usage. Water cooling infrastructure has also been put in place to cool this water before it is reused for this purpose. In addition the factory has also recently installed a solar power unit thus also reducing dependency on grid power supply and significantly cutting these costs.