Product development

Scents of Namibia is continuously thriving to identify new plant species that can be further commercialised. This is key in order to, not only grow the business, but also to ensure a sustainable income for harvesters.

Scents of Namibia believes that exciting and viable business to business partnership opportunities exist can be established and welcomes any joint venture undertaking with respect to developing and marketing products sourced from conservancies and community forests in the Kunene region.

Essential Oils and other ingredients

  • Commiphora wildii essential oil
  • Colophospermum mopane essential oil
  • Commiphora wildii resin
  • Commiphora tenuipetiolata gum
  • Sarcocaulon mossamendes waxy bark

All of the above products are sold by weight.

Essential Oil

Commiphora wildii

Commiphora wildii or ‘Namibian Myrrh’ has been used for many years by OvaHimba women as their traditional perfume. This near endemic plant’s resin is collected during the hot, dry months when the resin is naturally exuded.

Essential Oil

Colophospermum mopane

Mopane trees are widespread within Southern Africa, and their seeds are a common sight. The seeds are collected and broken mechanically. Using steam distillation, an essential oil is extracted from the seeds.


Myrothamnus flabellifolius

Myrothamnus flabellifolia is commonly known as the ’Resurrection Plant’. Most plants die if they lose 20 – 30% of their water but a small group of plants are able to completely air dry and then flourish when water is available.


Sarcocaulon mossamedense

When the Sarcocaulon mossamedense plant dies and decomposes, it leaves behind the outside waxy layer. This waxy shell lies on the desert sands and hardens and darkens in colour with exposure to the high temperatures and dry conditions.