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Welcome to the Scents of Namibia website, showcasing Namibian essential oils and the processing facility where they are made! Please browse our page and contact us for any further information needed.



Scents of Namibia and Opuwo Processing Facility would like to announce that the Visitors Centre is open again for tours! Tours are available from Monday through Friday from 8h00-17h00. Tours on weekends or public holidays can be arranged, but the machines will not be running. Entrance is free for everyone. If you would like to book a tour in advance, please contact the manager Ueriira at +264 (0) 816421076.

Scents of Namibia and Opuwo Processing Facility would like to sincerely thank Mbiri Natural Skincare! They recently held a crowd-funding campaign where 50% of the proceeds went to Opuwo Processing Facility. A total of N$11 000-00 was donated to Opuwo Processing Facility. We can not thank Mbiri Natural Skincare enough for this charitable donation! Please visit Mbiri’s website for more information about this all natural Namibian product using our very own Omumbiri essential oil,

Scents of Namibia has finally gotten their road signs approved and erected. The new directions to our visitors centre and processing facility are: Continue on the D3703 until the road turns to gravel (this is after the turn off to Sesfontein). About 500 meters on the gravel, there will be brown road signs indicating our turnoff. From there, there are additional signs to direct one to the centre. This road is suited for 2x4 and 4x4.

Mbiri Natural Skincare recently held their product launch in Windhoek. As a part of their launch, they put together a hamper and auctioned it off. All of these proceeds went to Opuwo Processing Facility! We would like to sincerely thank Mbiri Natural Skincare and Jackie Burton from Chameleon Safaris for their donation! Please visit Mbiri’s website for more information about this all natural Namibian product using our very own Omumbiri essential oil,

Additional Exposure

Rain Africa came to visit Opuwo Processing Facility, Scents of Namibia Visitors Centre and some harvesting sites in 2014 to discuss using our essential oils in their range of products. Products are busy being formulated at the moment and OPF hopes this will be the beginning of a long standing relationship. From Rain Africa’s exposure, a blog post has been written about our Namibian Myrrh essential oil (

This article also highlights OPF and the Scents of Namibia Visitors Centre as an attraction on the ‘Arid Eden’ Open Africa route.


Opuwo Processing Facility is currently offering a special on our Namibian Myrrh essential oil! Please contact us for more information about prices.

Opuwo Processing Facility and Scents of Namibia are closed for the holiday season. They will both reopen again on the 2nd of February 2015.

OPF Exposure

Following the official opening of the Scents of Namibia Visitors Centre, OPF and the Visitors Centre have been receiving continual media coverage and support. Most recently, some brilliant articles have been written in Travel News Namibia ( and also in the August 2014 Country Life ( magazine.

Also, OPF and the Visitors Centre have now been included in many of the 2014-2015 guiding/tourist attraction booklets coming out. The ‘Gateway to Northern Namibia’ ( complied by Legends of Africa includes a 2 page spread. We are also included in the ‘Arid Eden’ Open Africa route ( as a star attraction.

We would like to thank everyone for the beautiful articles written, as well as the marketing exposure!

KCINP Trust Meeting

On 8 and 9 July 2014, the KCINP Trust meeting was held in Onjuva. At this trust meeting, the final financial report from the accountants for the term of 1 March 2013-28 February 2014 was discussed and approved. Marketing and benefit distribution plans were also discussed.

Opuwo Christian School Visit

On 27 June 2014, pupils from grades 1-4 from the Opuwo Christian School came for a visit. Groups of 8 children at a time came to OPF and the Scents of Namibia Visitors Centre. All groups were given a short tour of both places and were welcomed to ask any questions. A small sample of the resin was given to the teachers in order to show parents or other guests to the school. All of the children said it was a valuable experience to see how previously thought ‘useless’ items could be used to help the local communities.


Opuwo Processing Facility at the Opuwo Trade Fair

From 26-31 May 2014, OPF had a stand at the Opuwo Trade Fair for the first time. Over N$4,000-00 worth of products and oils were sold throughout the week, but the community awareness was the most valuable part. The OPF employees had a chance to show off all of their hard work and explain to all the local Namibians what exactly OPF does. Many people showed lots of interest in the stand and kept coming back to smell more of the products.

Also, at the trade fair, our new employee Katjiu was trained and welcomed to the OPF family. Katjiu is from Opuwo and will be the new Scents of Namibia Visitors Centre guide and manager. Welcome to the team!


Official opening of the Opuwo Processing Facility Visitor’s Centre!

The official opening occurred on 27th of February 2014 with a bang! Millennium Challenge Account Namibia (MCA-N) CEO Penny Akwenye and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Resident Country Director Stevan Dobrilovic together with Kunene Governor Joshua Hoebeb have officially opened Opuwo Processing Facility and its associated Visitor’s Centre.


Hoebeb thanked the American people for their support in fighting poverty, which he compared to a snake and urged those in attendance “don’t drop the stick before the snake is dead.” He further highlighted the economic significance of indigenous natural products (INP) for the Himba communities of Kunene Region, whom he called traditional plant experts.

In the presence of 60 guests, Akwenye stated that she is convinced that the facilities will contribute not only to increased sales, but also increased awareness about these important products. The speeches were followed by a short DVD screened in the Visitor’s Centre which shows the process of gathering the raw material and then a tour of the distillation room where steam is used to extract oil from the resin in a completely natural process.


Construction, furniture, fittings and marketing of the visitor centre were made possible through a grant to the value of N$727 675 under MCA-N’s Conservancy Development Support Grant Fund, and much of the factory equipment came from its Primary Production Improvement Grant Fund worth N$353 000.

Tours, named ‘Scents of Namibia’, are run daily from 14h30. Opuwo Processing Facility is open Monday through Friday from 08h00 through 17h00. Entrance to the facility is N$100 per guest, but is free for guides to enter. With this entrance fee will include a free bottle of the resin and the tour will approximately run for one hour. To book a tour, please click on the Contact Us button and send us an e-mail. Directions to the Visitor’s Centre are as followed: Follow the signs to the Kunene Village RestCamp on the outskirts of Opuwo, in the direction of Sesfontein (C43). Turn off from the main road into the village, veer left, right and left again, at which point you will see another sign to the restcamp.

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Annual KCNIPT Trust meeting occurred

On 26th of February 2014, the KCINPT trust meeting met to discuss the new visitor’s centre opening and the final financial details of the 1st March 2013-28th February 2014 financial year. Issues were discussed and the finances for the financial year were approved. All of the trustees were very happy about the visitor’s centre grand opening.

New Commiphora wildii still installed at OPF

From the 5th of February until the 12th of February, Werner Bester from EDE came to Opuwo Processing Facility to instill a new Commiphora wildii still and dry cooling water system. The new dry cooling water system will be a great asset to the facility. Due to the high temperatures all year round in Opuwo, our previous circulating water system was not cooling the water enough. At some points in time, we were lessening our yield by half due to the increased water temperature. Now, we will no longer have this issue. In addition to the water cooling system, a much larger still was installed. With the new still, OPF can produce 5 litres of essential oil from 70 kilograms of raw material. That is a big difference from the previous still, where OPF was producing 1 litre of essential oil from 18 kilograms of raw material. OPF’s production capacity has risen from 350 litres to 1,000 litres per annum. Both of the pieces of additional equipment were sponsored by the Millennium Challenge Account-Namibia.


Visitor’s Centre construction completed!

The Scents of Namibia Visitor’s Centre, that began construction on September 4, 2013 has been completed. Designed in a traditional Himba homestead style building, the Visitor’s Centre will offer tours daily which will describe and demonstrate the happenings at Opuwo Processing Facility. The official opening will be 27 February 2014 and we invite everyone to come and visit this amazing centre!  




First KCINPT board meeting happened on

September 23, 2013!

On September 23rd, the first board meeting of the Kunene Conservancies Indigenous Natural Products Trust occurred at Onjuva in Orupembe Conservancy. The registration of the trust, financial reports of Opuwo Processing Facility, the Opuwo Processing Facility business plan, the Chairman of the trust’s report, marketing, Scents of Namibia Visitor’s Centre construction, and a benefit distribution plan were all discussed. All items on the agenda were accepted by the board and no additional matters were brought to order.

Scents of Namibia and Opuwo Processing Facility at the

2013 Tourism Expo!


From May 29th through June 1st, Scents of Namibia was included in the Community Conservation stand at the Tourism Expo. In the indigenous natural products booth, Opuwo Processing Facility was highlighting their essential oils and products using the oils. Both Rare Scent and Desert Secrets officially launched their product lines at the expo, as well. All three employees of the facility spoke to visitors and gave them an exciting insight into what the facility has to offer. While all this was going on, Commiphora wildii essential oil was being filtered to fill the air with the exciting scent of North-west Namibia. Overall, the stand was a huge hit! Not only were there many sales, but the public was educated even more about what Namibia has to offer.


Commiphora wildii essential oil competition winners!

On April 12th 2013, two winners were awarded with NAD 35000.00 each for their products containing Commiphora wildii essential oil. Tamarind Nott (Rare Scent) and Sophia Snyman (Desert Secrets) were each awarded with a cheque for their amazing products! The Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, with financial support from the MCA-Namibia Indigenous Natural Products Innovation Fund has under the Namibian Essential Oil Innovation (NEOi) project, launched the competition in the beginning of February 2013 to encourage Namibians to generate innovative cosmetic uses of the oil.

A total of 9 contestants and 42 different products were presented to a panel of 5 judges in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style setting. Fabienne Bourhis (Perfumer, V. Mane Fils), Dr. Pauline Lindeque (Senior Manager Strategic Marketing, Sales and Communication, Namibia Wildlife Resorts), Lizette Foot (General Manager, Team Namibia), Dave Cole (INP Manager, MCA-Namibia) and Dr. Julian Fennessy (Team Leader, Natural Resources Institute) all judged the products based on the smell, appearance and texture of the prototype products, packaging design and pricing strategy, product formulation, and the viability of their business idea and suitability for the proposed target market.


Follow up support to the winners will be provided by the Natural Resources Institute/MCA-Namibia Team to help guide them to the next stage of product development. These products will also have a special space at the Opuwo Visitors Centre, which is to be built later this year.


NB: Website photographs credited to: D. Cole, J. Fennessy, J. Nott and OPF